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Ensure Your Video Surveillance Systems Are At Peak Performance

CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems are excellent security measures to help protect your business. It is a vital and effective security solution for businesses. CCTV systems don’t just capture the suspect and give you the evidence you need, they also deter the criminal in the first place.

However, you need to ensure that your video surveillance systems are at peak performance, all the time. In this blog post we have listed two important things to consider with your video surveillance systems;

Avoid Video Surveillance Legal Liabilities

The safety of your business should be your top priority as a business owner. However, you also need to protect the privacy of your employees and customers. This needs to be considered installing video surveillance systems within your business premises. For example, there are areas that you need to avoid where people expect a reasonable level of privacy.

For example we would not recommend installing cameras in washrooms or bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing rooms or similar areas. The law also states that you do not invade customer or employee privacy so consider ways to show that recordings are taking place so customers and employees know what is being recorded and where.

Place Cameras Strategically

By placing your video surveillance systems strategically you can easily identify and promptly respond to any issues or situations. Make sure that your business video surveillance systems are installed in sensible areas. For example, cameras need to be in stockrooms, at all entrances and exits of a building, behind cash registers, in offices and outside toilets.

You also need to ensure that CCTV cameras are placed under sufficient lighting so they are recording at peak performance. It is also recommended that CCTV cameras are positioned so they can capture wide angles for fuller surveillance coverage.


When using a professional business security company you can rest assured that the above will have been considered in advance. Your business security specialist will help recommend the best places for your video surveillance systems to work at peak performance.