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Fire Alarms For Large Commercial Buildings

By January 21, 2023No Comments

Fire Alarms For Large Commercial Buildings

When designing and installing fire alarms for large commercial buildings, it is essential that they meet British Standard 5839- 1:2017. This is a national system in the UK. It is required for best practice when designing or installing fire alarm systems. This British Standard helps to ensure that the requirement of legislation is met and therefore ensures that the property is secured against potential fires or risk of fire.

The current fire safety legislation for large commercial buildings within England and Wales is under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Order) 2005. This order was designed to not only simplify but also streamline all the existing legal requirements of fire safety and fire alarms for large commercial buildings. While there are not many fire alarm regulations, it is more in regard to the responsibility, testing and assessment of fire alarms within large commercial premises.

There is currently no legal requirement for a large commercial property to have a fire alarm. However, every large commercial property is required to have an adequate fire detection system in place. This fire alarm system needs to be able to not only detect a fire but also make all persons within the business aware of a fire in the building.

We recommend that all businesses within large commercial buildings install a fire alarm to keep things simple, while protecting their business, employees, building and those within the building. Although it is not a legal requirement, it will give you peace of mind. You will know that your business and employees are safe. Installing a fire alarm in your large commercial building will also ensure that you meet the requirements of the guidelines. These are the guidelines set out in The Regulatory Reform (Fire Order) 2005.

The responsibility of a working fire alarm can be down to the owner of the large commercial building. It could also be down to the landlord, the employer or the occupier. Ultimately, the responsibility of the fire alarm for a large commercial building is dependent on the type of commercial property. Generally speaking, this will be the person that is deemed as the ‘responsible person’ for the commercial property.

Working fire alarms are essential in large commercial buildings. They keep the business premises safe. They also ensure the safety of any employees and people within the business premises too.

There are a wide range of different commercial fire alarms. You can have a conventional fire alarm, an addressable fire alarm, a hybrid fire alarm, a monitored fire alarm or a wired fire alarm. You could also have a notifier fire alarm, an aspirating fire alarm or a gas suppression fire alarm. The right fire alarm for your large commercial premises is based on the type of premises. Our specialist fire alarm engineers will take the time to understand your building and fire safety needs. They will then recommend the best fire alarm system for your large commercial building.