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How Video Analytics Improve CCTV Effectiveness

By January 19, 2023No Comments

How Video Analytics Improve CCTV Effectiveness

CCTV security cameras are always developing, improving and evolving. With each new wave of technology, the benefits of CCTV cameras for securing your home or business will change and improve. In this blog post we look at how video analytics can help to improve the overall effectiveness of your CCTV surveillance systems.

One of the great things about video analytics and CCTV cameras is that you gain powerful means in identifying and detecting intruders. You are able to track people or objects. An alarm can then be issued if you notice unusual activity or behaviours. An example of this is if you noticed a person dressed in black hovering round the entrance of your closed building. It is likely that criminal activity such as a break-in is about to take place.

Video streams from CCTV surveillance cameras can be monitored in real-time. This means that if criminal activity is taking place, an alert can be automatically created. This will signal to operators and your chosen people that a security breach may be about to occur. In turn, this will enable operators to continue tracking or monitoring movement. This can be done through panning, tilting or zooming the cameras. These actions will enable operators to follow a potential intruder as they move around your property.

There are two common types of video analytics. These are both designed to attempt to determine if any unwanted activity or suspicious activity is taking place in the field of view of the camera. The two common types of video analytics are known as Fixed Algorithm Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Learning Algorithms. We look at these in more detail below.

  • Fixed Algorithm Analytics.

Fixed algorithm analytic systems are designed to look for specific behaviour. This could be behaviours such as a person crossing a line, or something moving in the wrong direction down a corridor. It could also be an abandoned item or a person loitering for example.

  • Artificial Intelligence Learning Algorithms.

After connecting video analytics to your CCTV surveillance cameras for several weeks, the artificial intelligence learning algorithms will learn what a ‘normal’ image is. This will be learnt from all hours of the day and night. The artificial intelligence learning algorithm systems will then issue alerts and alarms if unusual activity or inconsistent behaviours are seen. This will be based on what the CCTV camera has seen during that time on the day of the week in previous weeks.

It is also possible for video analytics to be used for analysing historic data. This can then be used to identify any specific incidents or security risk patterns.


Want to know more about how video analytics can improve the CCTV camera effectiveness in your business? Call our business CCTV experts now. They’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.