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Fire Safety

Fire Alarms In Healthcare

By February 10, 2022No Comments

Fire Alarms In Healthcare

When considering the best type of fire alarm system for a healthcare facility or building, there is a lot to take into account. You’ll need a fire alarm system that can be effectively monitored and maintained. It will need to be able to prevent false alarm activations too. The fire alarm must be able to provide early detection and warning of a real fire. It must also have a procedure that enables the safe evacuation of all occupants in a safe manner. The procedure must be set up so that the fire alarm is only triggered in areas that are at risk. This helps reduce the risk of causing concern for occupants throughout the building.

Effective and well-maintained fire alarm systems are essential. This is especially the case when it comes to ensuring the safety and protection of people, buildings and equipment. A professionally installed fire alarm system that is regularly and well-maintained will ensure you comply with fire safety regulations. It will also ensure that you pass all CQC inspections with flying colours. We will provide you with the evidence stakeholders need to prove the fire alarm systems and processes in place are effective. Also, that the fire alarm system will prevent the spread of a fire while protecting people, processes and the property.

When it comes to fire alarms in healthcare facilities, it’s important to note that there are likely to be sick people or those with limited mobility in the building. This means that the need for a reliable and trusted fire alarm has never been more important. It is essential that the fire alarm has audible and visible warning signs. The functionality of the fire alarm needs to be able to distinguish the areas that are affected by the fire. This allows for only those in danger to be evacuated in a safe and controlled manner.

The fire alarm installers here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety have many years’ experience in the healthcare industry. This experience includes NHS hospital trusts, medical clinics, cosmetic surgeries and doctors’ surgeries. We also have experience in care homes, out-patient centres, day care centres and more. We have the fire alarm installation knowledge and experience that you need in your healthcare facility.

When it comes to the on-going maintenance of your fire alarm systems, these will always be completed at set and agreed times. Unplanned fire alarms and evacuations will cause disruption to a healthcare facility. They also increase waiting times while causing unnecessary worry and stress. Our fire alarm maintenance services will take place on a regular and agreed set date. This will ensure fire safety regulations are met and the facility is caused minimal disruption.

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