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What Affects The Cost Of A Commercial Fire Alarm System?

By February 8, 2022No Comments

What Affects The Cost Of A Commercial Fire Alarm System?

While the team here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems always try and be clear and transparent when it comes to our services. However, this isn’t always possible. For example, when it comes to fire alarms there are lots that affects the cost of a commercial fire alarm system.

Our quotes for a commercial fire alarm system will always be clear and transparent with no hidden fees. However, we will need to visit your business premises to be able to quote.

For example, the cost of a fire alarm system for your business is dependent on the size of your business premises. If you have a very large site, you will need a larger fire alarm system with more devices. In turn, this will affect the total prove of your fire alarm system. The larger your business premises or site, the more are that is needed to be covered. This means a larger site will result in a more costly commercial fire alarm system.

Dependent on your business and the layout of the site, you could have a very simple fire alarm system, or a very complex one. The more complex your fire alarm system, the more detection elements are needed. In turn, this will add to the cost.

You can include different detection elements to increase the fire safety of the alarm. This can include things like fire alarms, fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, fire doors, emergency lighting, multi-sensor detectors, a roll call system and more. As we stated, the more elements included, the more the cost of the commercial fire alarm system is affected.

It is also possible to integrate your fire alarm system into your access control. This could give you full control of all your safety and security system. You would be able to react quickly to any security threats or fire incidents.

Having a monitored or unmonitored system will also affect the cost of your commercial fire alarm system. Having your fire alarm system monitored will increase the overall cost. However, it will also improve the overall safety of our site for employees and visitors.

If you would like to know how much a commercial fire alarm system could cost for your business, call our team now. Our fire safety specialists can visit your site and complete a free, no obligation quote for your fire alarm system.