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Fire Door Installation For Large Commercial Buildings

By February 20, 2023No Comments

Fire Door Installation For Large Commercial Buildings

Every large commercial building requires proper fire door installation. Installing fire doors is not the same as installing other internal or external doors. The correct and proper installation of fire door in large commercial buildings is a complex procedure. This is why you need experienced and fully certified installers, like the team of commercial fire door installers here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems.

If you want your fire doors to function properly, in case of a fire, they need to be made to measure. They also need to be installed in the correct door frames. If they are not this will be a risk weakness in the fire safety of your commercial premises. This is why you need to call in the experts for fire door installation in large commercial buildings. It is not a job that should be completed in-house as there are so many potential and fatal risks.

Every person within your large commercial premises has the right to expect that if there was to be a fire, they would be safe. However, this sadly isn’t always the case. Fire doors are an important component of the passive fire protection system within a building. If something was to go wrong with the structure of the commercial property or with the fire safety equipment, if could result in serious injury or even death.

While the everyday use of a fire door is the same as any other door within a building, different requirements are needed of a fire door. The outbreak of a fire will often be unpredictable and unexpected. It is important that the fire door has been correctly installed and tested to fulfil its primary purpose. This is to safeguard lives of those within the building. It is also to provide protection to the rest of the building and to neighbouring buildings too.

When you choose Jensen Security and Fire Systems as your fire door installation company for your large commercial building you will be in safe hands. All of our commercial fire doors are installed to manufacturing fixing instructions. Test evidence is also completed. This ensures that the fire doors perform to the correct standards as intended in case of a fire.

Our commercial fire door installers pride themselves on high-quality workmanship and industry expertise. Your fire door will be installed to the highest of standards by certified, experienced and qualified fire door installers.

Want to ensure the fire door installation within your large commercial building meets legal requirements? Call our team of commercial fire door installers now. We will complete a free assessment of your fire doors and plan out your fire door installation process.