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Fire Door Installation In The Public Sector

By October 11, 2022October 14th, 2022No Comments

Fire Door Installation In The Public Sector

As fire door specialists for the public sector, we supply, fit and install fire doors. We can manage any type of fire door installations, from schools and hospitals, right through to libraries, council offices and more. Our fire door installers will deal with all aspects of the fire door joinery, installation, fitting and improvements.

Fire doors play an essential role in the first line of defence against fire. They also create fire escape routes. Further to this, the correct fire door installation in public sector buildings will prevent the spread of smoke. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems our fire door installers will ensure that all your fire doors are properly fitted. We will also ensure that they are installed and maintained to the highest of standards. This will ensure that your fire doors can be relied upon in case of a fire or other emergency.

Our professional fire door installers have installed hundreds of fire doors into public sector buildings just like yours. These fire doors have been installed as part of major new build developments, extensions and fire safety improvements to existing public sector establishments. Schools, hospitals, libraries, doctors surgeries and local council offices have all been some of the many establishments we have installed fire doors.

It is a legal requirement that fire doors are installed by a certified fire door installer. If you are looking for a professional, experienced and certified fire door installer for your public sector building, call our team. We have a team of fire door installation experts that have worked in the public sector. They understand the challenges and risks that the public sector face and help them overcome these.

Fire doors are used every day, and frequently each day. They are also there to save lives and protect those within the building from a dangerous fire. This is why it is essential that you fire doors are of good quality and professionally installed.

Want to know more? Call our public sector fire door installers now. We can come to your building to review and install your fire doors for you.