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Should Your CCTV Cameras Be Installed By Professionals?

By October 9, 2022October 14th, 2022No Comments

Should Your CCTV Cameras Be Installed By Professionals?

While investing in CCTV cameras can be expensive, it also has the potential to save you lots of money if there was to be a theft or break-in. Not only could a thief potentially steal expensive equipment from you, in turn this could result in office closures while repairs are made and a reduction in productivity as well as staff morale.

Installing CCTV security cameras in your business can help protect the business, the equipment and your team too. While you may want to save money by installing the CCTV cameras yourself, unless you are experienced in this area, we would recommend you call in the experts. Your CCTV cameras should be installed by professionals to ensure you have optimum efficiency from them.

Having professionals, like our team, install your CCTV cameras means that there will be no blind spots. You’ll know your CCTV cameras are installed in the best viewing spots too. This will help save you time and frustration of installing the cameras yourself. It will also mean your business premises is under CCTV surveillance if criminal activity was to occur.

Here at Jensen Fire and Security we have a team of professional CCTV installers with many years of experience. They will ensure that your cameras are located in all the right places. Our team will also recommend additional security measures to further protect your business premises. Our CCTV installers will also ensure your cameras are correctly connected to the Wi-Fi. This means that the footage can be viewed from any location.

There are battery-powered security cameras on the market, and these can be easier to install. However, many wide-spread security systems will run on mains power. This means that they will need to run on the mains power. Also, they’ll need to be connected to the internet at all times. This is what can make it trickier for DIYers to install these cameras. Again, this is why a professional CCTV installer is recommended.

If you feel that you have the skills, experience and tools to install your own security cameras in your business, make sure you speak to your insurance company. You may find that installing the CCTV cameras yourself will affect your insurance policy. Make sure you check this to ensure you are still protected.

Want to know more about our CCTV camera installation services and the benefits of CCTV cameras installed by professionals? Call our team now.