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Fire Door Maintenance In Small Businesses

By December 20, 2022No Comments

Fire Door Maintenance In Small Businesses

Having fire doors installed in your small business is just the first step to fire safety in your business. You also need to complete regular fire door maintenance in your small business. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we can provide you will on-going fire door maintenance for your small business. This will help you ensure you are compliant with regulations. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your fire doors are in good working order and can be relied upon in case of an emergency.

In 20025, a new legal requirement was introduced under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. It required that all fire doors are subject to a suitable system of maintenance. It also added that all fire doors must be maintained in an efficient state, in working order and good repair.

As a small business owner, your responsibilities are clear. It is important that you comply with these fire door maintenance regulations. If you do not, you could face prosecution and expensive fines. In severe cases, you could find yourself facing imprisonment.

It’s important to remember that just installing fire doors is not enough. These are doors that could be regularly used within your business. They may have to withstand kicking, pushing, slamming and more. This is why regular fire door maintenance is required in small businesses. Overtime, these fire doors can become damaged and no longer in good working order.

During a fire door maintenance check all parts of the fire door will be checked. This includes the working order of the door as well as much more. For example, our fire door inspectors will look at the latches on the door, the hinges and the frames too. The handles and the locks of the fire door will be checked too. Even the intumescent strips within the door will be checked. This is because they all play an important part of the fire protection the fire door can offer.

It is recommended that your chosen responsible person inspects the fire doors visually on a weekly basis. This should be checks that the doors are not visibly broken or damaged. Twice a year, as a minimum, you should then have a professional internal fire door maintenance check. This level of fire door maintenance is mandatory for most small businesses.

When was the last time fire door maintenance and checks were completed in your small business? If you’re not sure or if it was over 6 months ago – call our team now.