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Should I Have An Intruder Alarm Fitted?

By December 17, 2022No Comments

Should I Have An Intruder Alarm Fitted?

Are you looking to improve the security of your home or business property? Maybe you have been thinking about having an intruder alarm fitted? An intruder alarm has many benefits for homes as well as business premises. In this blog post we help to answer the question should you have an intruder alarm fitted.

First let’s look at the benefits of having an intruder alarm fitted.

One of the biggest benefits of having an intruder alarm installed is that it will give you and those within the property the peace of mind that the property is safe and protected. Having an intruder alarm installed is also a preventative measure. It is commonly known as a deterrent to potential thieves that are looking for an easy home or business property to enter illegally.

Your intruder alarm will set off an alarm immediately. This will make you aware that a burglary is taking place, or an intruder is trying to gain access to your home or business. This could be an alarm on the site. It could also be an alert to your phone, the emergency services or both. There are other options too that our intruder alarm team can discuss with you. We want to ensure you have the right intruder alarm and protection for your business or home.

Another benefit of having an intruder alarm fitted is that you and chosen trusted people can have instant remote access to the intruder alarm. This can also be monitored from anywhere, even from your deckchair by the pool if you’re on holiday. All you need is a secure internet connection. You can then log-in from anywhere to ensure your home or business premises is safe.

Many homeowners and business owners find that they can save money on their insurance when they have an alarm system installed. This is because the better you protect and secure your home or business, the safer and more secure it is. In turn, your insurance premium will be cheaper or discounted. This is because your property is at less risk and claims on your insurance are less likely.

If you feel that you should have an intruder alarm fitted in your home or business premises, call our team. It’s really important to choose a quality intruder alarm supplier with alarm installation experience. The team here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems have many years’ experience in business and home security. We have a team of intruder alarm installation specialists ready and willing to help you better secure and protect your home.