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Fire Door Maintenance In The Public Sector

By October 16, 2022No Comments

Fire Door Maintenance In The Public Sector

The fire doors within all buildings are used on a regular basis. This is especially the case within public sector buildings such as schools, hospitals, libraries and more. This means that fire doors in the public sector are prone to and subject to general wear and tear.

Due to the regular use of fire doors within the public sector, it is essential you have a company to manage the fire door maintenance. This will help ensure that the fire doors remain undamaged and stay in good working order. In turn, this means that they can be relied on in case of a fire.

As with all lifesaving and fire safety equipment, fire doors need to be checked regularly. This will ensure that the fire door functions correctly, and it is ready to use. Fire door maintenance in buildings is just as important as fire alarm checks and fire extinguisher checks.

A standard fire door maintenance check for the public sector will include various inspections. These will include things like door closer checks, checking the self-closing devices work. Fire door frames and the leaf of the fire door will be checked too.  The fire safety signage will be reviewed to ensure they meet legal requirements too. Checks will be completed on the gaps around the doors to ensure they meet threshold gaps.

The glazing and vision panels, hinges and hold open devices will also be checked as part of the public sector fire door maintenance checks. Further to this the intumescent door strip and cold smoke seals will also be checks. Locks, levers and handles along with panic hardware devices will also be checked.

These fire door maintenance checks are completed within the public sector to ensure that all fore doors are safe and in good working order. We would recommend a regular 6-month maintenance check on fire doors. However, if traffic and usage is high, we would recommend that fire doors are checked and maintained on a more regular basis.

Once out fire door maintenance team have completed the checks on the fire doors within the public sector building, you will be presented with a fire door report. This report will lay out the condition of each fire door. It will also highlight areas of concerns where work is required to make the fore doors compliant.

When is the last time a fire door maintenance service was completed on the fire doors within your premises? If you are not sure, call our team now to book your fire door installation.