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Will A Fake Security Camera Protect My Home Or Business?

By October 14, 2022No Comments

Will A Fake Security Camera Protect My Home Or Business?

There is no doubt about it, security cameras are great for security. They help cut down the risk of crime and protect your property too. One of the best things about a security camera is the deterrent factor. If criminals, see a security camera this can put them off breaking into property as they will be caught on camera.

Homeowners and business owners often ask us if we can supply them with a fake security camera of dummy CCTV surveillance cameras. After all, if it’s the camera that is the deterrent, why not instal a fake CCTV camera. It will be cheap to purchase and won’t need regular maintenance either. Surely it will still deter the criminals too?

In this blog post we look at if a fake security camera will protect your home or business. Have a read and see what you think. A fake security camera could save you money, but will it protect your business and save you money in the long run?

  • Criminals Are Clever

Many criminals will do their own surveillance before committing a crime. They will look at the times people are home or at the office and the security protecting the property. An experienced criminal will know the difference between a fake camera and a real one. This means that the fake security cameras won’t actually protect you, your home or your business.

  • False Sense Of Security

The biggest issue with fake CCTV cameras is that they will lull you, your employees and your family into a false sense of security. While criminals will know the cameras are fake, you may forget yourself. People could leave the property without completing necessary precautions such as double-checking doors and securing windows, because they feel the CCTV cameras will protect the property.

  • No Real Protection

Fake CCTV cameras don’t record anything, they are simply just a box. This means that they can’t identify criminals or capture any evidence. There have been some cases when criminals have targeted homes with fake security cameras because they know the security of the property is poor. On properties where they can’t see a camera, they don’t know for sure that one isn’t hidden. A fake camera tells a criminal that is the only line of security for the property.


If you really want to keep your home, family, business and employees safe and protected, invest in a real security camera system. Call our team now to find out more.