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Fire Extinguishers In The Public Sector

By November 5, 2022November 8th, 2022No Comments

Fire Extinguishers In The Public Sector

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we have been installing and maintaining fire extinguishers in public sector buildings for years. Our fire safety engineers work to the relevant British Standard BS 5306. This enables our clients to feel in safe hands when they choose us for their fire extinguishers installation and maintenance. We have worked hard to build a reputation as a fire safety company that can be trusted for great customer service and honest advice within the public sector.

Our public sector fire safety engineers will design your fire extinguisher scheme. They will take the time to look at your public sector premises. Look at what is stored in the building and the fire risks. From this, they can recommend the fire extinguishers that you need and where they should be placed. We will supply, install and maintain all the fire extinguishers within your public sector building for you.

Our team of fire extinguisher engineers are BAFE trained. They also have many years of experience. As part of our fire extinguisher maintenance service, we will check your fire extinguishers. Then, we will issue certificates to all fire extinguishers that are in good working order.

These fire extinguisher checks will include the checking for the correct pressure and safe access to the unit. Our engineers will also check the individual parts of the fire extinguisher to ensure there are no damaged or effected parts. The tamper seal and pin of the fire extinguisher will be checked to ensure it is still intact. The fire extinguishers will also be checked for any general wear and tear.

The number of fire extinguishers legally required in your public sector building will be determined by your fire risk assessment. There is no case of ‘one size fits all’ as each premises will have a different layout, size, needs, materials and risks. We will complete your fire risk assessment for you and recommend the right amount and type of fire extinguishers for you.

Contact our team of public sector experienced fire extinguisher engineers now to find out more.