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Fire Proofing Compartmentation In Education

By September 26, 2022No Comments

Fire Proofing Compartmentation In Education

Schools, nurseries, universities and other education facilities all have one main things in common. They have a high number of students taking part in activities within set environments. This is why fire safety is so important for venues like this. For example, fire proofing compartmentation in education will have important features that are not required in some other venues or buildings.

All of the passive fire protection solutions we offer include fire proofing compartmentation in education. This is done to limit the rapid spread of fire in a building or premises. Through fire proofing compartmentation, a building is divided into fire zones. These are also known as fire compartments.

This fire proofing compartmentation in education works to form a barrier against heat, smoke and any toxic gasses. In the case of an education facility, the fire proofing compartmentation would protect other classrooms and areas of the premises from the spread of the fire.

The design of fire proofing compartmentation works to contain the fire in one area. This is the area that the fire started. This will provide a good fire protection starting point for the building. It will also help to protect other people within the building. Further to this, it will limit the fire damage before the emergency services arrive.

There are many benefits of fire proofing compartmentation in education facilities. These include limiting the amount of fire damage that is caused. It also allows further fire prevention systems to be installed. Finally, it will increase fire protection for the building and those within the building for an extended period of time.

When you choose Jensen Security and Fire Systems for your fire proofing compartmentation in your building you will have the peace of mind that your building is protected. We ensure that all buildings have the adequate fire compartmentation systems in place and that they are in good working order.

Our team of education fire safety specialists will quote for and complete any additional work required. This will help ensure that the compartmentation system meets all standards, regulations and legislations. The additional work could include cavity barrier fitting, supply, installation and maintenance of fire doors, and more.