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Fire Proofing Compartmentation in Healthcare

By April 30, 2022May 13th, 2022No Comments

Fire Proofing Compartmentation in Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are regularly occupied by vulnerable people. These vulnerable people will require extra care and assistance in case of a fire. This is why fire safety precautions are vital for the protection of patients, staff and visitors.

Fire compartmentation is essential in healthcare facilities and hospitals for a number of reasons. Fire proofing compartmentation will prevent the rapid spread of fire which could lead to occupants being trapped inside the building. It will also help to reduce the chances of the fire which could lead to creating a danger to those within the building. In turn, this will reduce the danger to the fire and rescue services as well as those in the vicinity of the building. High quality fire proofing compartmentation will also limit the damage caused to a building and the contents within it.

The main benefit of fire proofing compartmentation is that it protects ‘means of escape’ routes from a healthcare facility. In larger healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, fire compartmentation is even more vital. The fire compartmentation divides a large building into compartments. These compartments can then withstand a fire for a specific length of time. The protective barrier of the fire proofing gives occupants a better chance of being evacuated safely and for the emergency services to arrive and extinguish the fire as quickly as possible with minimal damage.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety we can assess the needs of the fire proofing compartmentation in your healthcare facility. When planned and installed correctly, fire separation has an enviable success rate. However, as buildings change, grow and develop, the fire compartmentation needs change. This is why fire assessments are recommended. These assessments will ensure that there are no potentials of fire compartmentation which could allow a fire to spread with ease.

Want to know more about fire proofing compartmentation for your healthcare facility or hospital? Call our healthcare fire safety specialists now. We will be happy to answer any queries you have and offer guidance or advice.