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Keeping Your Home Secure In Spring

By April 26, 2022No Comments

Keeping Your Home Secure In Spring

The spring season is here. This is often the time we clean the home, hence the name Spring Cleaning! Spring is also a good time to evaluate the security of your home. You can also use this opportunity to perform any necessary maintenance on your home security too.

Home security can often be overlooked, until it’s too late. By following our tips for keeping your home secure in spring, you’ll know your home, family and possessions are safe and protected.

  • Check Batteries

If you have battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, check they are in good working order. We would recommend that you also take this time to check and replace the batteries. This way you know you have brand new batteries that will protect you and your family if there was a fire in your home. It’s a relatively quick and easy task and it could save your life.

  • Garden Tidy Up

Our gardens are often left unmaintained during the colder months, but as spring comes round you need to get back in that garden. Long grass or tall hedges and shrubs can be a perfect hiding place for potential thieves. An unkept garden is often a sign to criminals that the house is unoccupied. By keeping your garden well maintained you will deter potential criminals and be able to increase the visibility (and safety) for your home.

  • Little Fixes

We have some strong winds this winter. This has led to broken fences, damaged gates and missing slats. All of these things make entry to your garden easier for criminals. Take the time to look around your garden from the inside and the outside. Repair any easy fixes or call in the professionals to replace fences or gates where you can’t.

  • Clean Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great deterrent for criminals. However, the light can be dimmer dependent on the build up through the year. This could be a build up of dirt, dust and debris, or even the result of a heavy rain. Take the time to spring clean your external lights to help with keeping your home secure in spring. Double check your motion sensor lights are still in the right position and in good working order too.

  • Maintain CCTV Cameras

If you have CCTV cameras, take the time to clean them, check they are in good working order and that they are recording the right area. CCTV are a great line of defence, as they work as a deterrent. They will also give you a recording of any crimes that take place on your property. Take the time to make sure they are recording the right areas to a good quality. If not, it may be time to upgrade or replace your CCTV surveillance cameras.

These are just some tips for keeping your home secure in spring. For further security advice and guidance, please contact our home security team.