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Fire Proofing Compartmentation In The Public Sector

By October 21, 2022No Comments

Fire Proofing Compartmentation In The Public Sector

Effective fire proofing compartmentation is integral to any passive fire protection strategy within the public sector and all industries. It is something that should be incorporated into the construction of public sector buildings as early as possible. This will help ensure that the public sector building will remain structurally sound in the event of a fire.

Further to this, fire proofing compartmentation is crucial for the compliance with fire protection regulations in the public sector.

The main objective of fire proofing compartmentation is to contain the fire within a specific compartment of the building. In turn, this will limit the passage of flames and smoke. Through good fire proofing compartmentation in buildings, it will allow more time for those within the building to evacuate safely, and for the emergency services to extinguish the flames.

A good fire proofing compartmentation solution will reinforce each ‘compartment’ of the building with fire resistant materials or by installing fire doors and cavity barriers. This will help break the building down into compartments which provides effective fire risk management.

Safety of those within the public sector building is always of paramount importance with fire proofing compartmentation. However, there is another common objective to fire proofing compartmentation. It can help to prevent a fire from reaching chosen parts of the building. This could be an area of the building that is of particular value. It could also be an area that contains hazardous materials for example. Common examples of spaces that are often protected in this way include sever rooms in commercial premises or modular plant rooms within industrial buildings.

Like all fire safety and fire protection systems in public sector buildings, fire proofing compartmentation solutions needs to be monitored and maintained on a regular basis. This will ensure they remain effective in case of a fire or an emergency.

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