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The Issues With Old Security Cameras

By October 19, 2022No Comments

The Issues With Old Security Cameras

You may have an old security camera system in place and feel that it is offering your business adequate protection. However, this might not be the case. There are lots of new features that new CCTV cameras can offer. These will not be available on your old security cameras. Further to this the analog signals and coaxial cables are not as reliable as digital signals available with newer CCTV security cameras.

In this blog post we look at some of the issue with old security cameras and why you may choose to upgrade or replace your CCTV surveillance systems to better protect your business.

  • Outdated Technology

Older CCTV cameras will have outdated technology. This can lead to blurry images and low-quality footage. The images could also be choppy or pixelated making it hard to monitor the CCTV surveillance or look back on footage if a crime was committed. Newer security cameras offer high-definition images that will clearly show exactly what the camera can see. In turn, this will make CCTV monitoring and reviewing easier.

  • Poor Weatherproofing

We have seen many cases of older security cameras becoming damaged due to poor weatherproofing. This can be a result of rain, frost and even extreme hot weather. If your camera is located outside, it is open to the elements. While some outdoor security cameras have weatherproofed housing, this is still not as effective as the weatherproofing elements on newer CCTV cameras.

  • Limited Storage

One of the biggest issues with old security cameras is their storage capacity. This can often result in footage being overwritten and no longer available. The video recorder of newer CCTV cameras is much larger, which means the storage capacity is larger too. If you need to review security footage from over a period of time, this can be tricky with older cameras as the footage may have been recorded over.

  • Out-Of-Date Firmware

Older CCTV surveillance cameras will tend to be more vulnerable as their firmware is often out of date. This can make older security cameras more susceptible to signal hijacking. Signal hijacking is a process where a criminal can replace the signal with another video signal, meaning a crime can take place without your knowledge.

  • Minimal Motion Detection Or Night Vision

Older CCTV cameras often do not have additional features such as motion detection, night vision capabilities, zooming or wide-angle viewing, for example. This can be a real issue if you need these features to monitor your property throughout the day and night. Without the advanced capabilities and additional features that newer CCTV surveillance systems offer; you are limiting the effectiveness of the security for your property.


Looking to upgrade your old CCTV cameras so they give you more protection? Call our CCTV installers now.