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Public Sector

Fire Safety And Security In The Public Sector

By September 16, 2022No Comments

Fire Safety And Security In The Public Sector

The fire safety and security needs of a public sector building can be as diverse as the use of the building. For example, a public sector building could be a hospital, school, public sector office or leisure centre. It could also be a library, public sector housing or similar. This means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to fire safety and security in this sector. Instead, we will visit the public sector building. We will then create a bespoke fire safety and security system that will deliver in the most effective way in case of an emergency.

A public sector organisation could complete of multiple buildings of varying sizes and types. As public sector fire safety and security specialists, our role is to maintain the compliance of the organisations to ensure uninterrupted operations both in and out of hours. This is crucial to the running of the entire country, in some part.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems. We maintain many long-standing contracts with public sector organisations. These have included organisations such as the local governments, central governments and healthcare buildings. It also includes social housing, defence, education and similar.

We know that one of the key restraints in the public sector is money. This is why we deliver the highest standards of service and products that public service organisations can afford. We create solutions within their budget.

Our security and fire safety delivery will take the unique requirements of your building into account. We will take the time to consider the purpose of the building. Our team will also look at the organisation, the occupiers, the residents and the contents of the building. Based on this, we will create a bespoke security and fire safety solution. One that will meet the needs of the building and come in within the tight budgets that public sector organisations are held to.

Our team of public sector fire safety and security work hard to provide a cost-effective solution to fire safety and security, while maintaining the highest levels of compliance.

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