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Professional CCTV Installation vs DIY CCTV Installation

By September 14, 2022September 21st, 2022No Comments

Professional CCTV Installation vs DIY CCTV Installation

If you have been considering improving your home security, you may be considering saving money by installing the CCTV yourself. While this might look like a cheaper option, it may not be in the long run. It’s common for homeowners to consider DIY CCTV installation to improve the security for their home. Afterall, from the outside it looks easy to do and is cheaper that professional CCTV installation.

In this blog post we look at the pros and cons of professional CCTV installation, compared to the pros and cons of DIY CCTV installation. Take a look through this blog post and our thoughts so you can make an informed decision and the right choice for you, and your home.

  • The Pros of Professional CCTV Installation

When you have your CCTV surveillance cameras and other home security systems installed by a professional you can be sure that they will meet industry standards. Your home security will also be fully accredited. The professional that installs the home security for you will be a security expert. This means that they will be able to answer any questions that you may have. They can also make recommendations to better protect your home. Included with your professional CCTV installation, you will be given a full demonstration of the security system. This will help you ensure you make the most of the system.

  • The Cons of Professional CCTV Installation

To have your CCTV systems professionally installed, it can be costly. You may also have to wait until a professional security expert is free. Some home security companies charge an installation fee. You may also have to have a contract with the chosen security company.

  • The Pros of DIY CCTV Installation

When you install your own CCTV cameras there will no installation fees and you can do it at a time that suits you. You can control the set up and there will be no contracts or maintenance fees.

  • The Cons of DIY CCTV Installation

While installing your own home security system has its benefits, there are some downsides too. For example, there will no aftercare available. It will take up your free time too. You may find that the CCTV surveillance system isn’t working or isn’t operating as well as it could. Sometimes things can go wrong with DIY installations. You might not even know it’s not working – until it’s too late!


Take the time to shop around. A professional CCTV surveillance installation could cost less than you think.