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Fire Safety Regulations For Schools Undergoing Construction

By August 10, 2022No Comments

Fire Safety Regulations For Schools Undergoing Construction

The summer holidays, end of term and half term breaks are a great time for schools to undergo construction. This is because there are minimal people in the school. The construction work will often be completed to build or extend parts of the school to improve the offering or capacity.

There are certain fire safety regulations for schools undergoing construction that the ‘responsible person’ needs to be aware of. For example, there are design requirements that need to meet fire safety regulations. Building regulations need to be considered too.

Below we have listed just some of the fire safety regulations for schools undergoing construction that you need to be aware of.

  • There must be a satisfactory provision of means of giving an alarm of fire. There also needs to be a satisfactory standard means of escape for persons within the school in the event of a fire breaking out.
  • The risk of a fire spreading over the internal linings of the school needs to be inhibited.
  • The stability of the school building in the event of a fire needs to meet fire safety regulations too. This will ensure that there is a sufficient degree of fire separation within buildings as well as between adjoining buildings. It is important that automatic fire suppression is also provided as necessary. This will help to inhibit the unseen spread of fire and smoke in concealed spaces within the school building.
  • There needs to be adequate resistance to the spread over fire in external walls and roofs. This needs to be over the external envelope. The spread of the fire from one school building to another building also needs to be restricted.
  • There must be satisfactory access for fire appliances to buildings. A provision of facilities in building to assist fire-fighters in the saving of life of people in and around the school building(s) needs to be provided too.

If you need help meeting fire safety regulations for your school undergoing construction, call our school fire safety experts. We can help ensure your school building is fire safe and those within the building are protected in case of a fire.