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Five Fantastic Ways To Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums

By January 6, 2021No Comments

Five Fantastic Ways To Reduce Your Home Insurance Premiums

Christmas is an expensive time for many of us. This is especially the case when we are still in a pandemic. It’s only normal that you want to save money in the new year and going forward. This is why we have put together some tips to reduce your home insurance premium.

As professionals in the fire and security industry we work with homeowners all the time that want to reduce their home insurance premiums. We are experts in this area. This is why, in this blog post, we would like to share just five fantastic ways to reduce your home insurance premium.

  1. You need to review your level of risk. Look at the potential security risks on your property and find ways to reduce them. Minimising the security risks on your property will help reduce the amount of crimes. It will also help reduce the associated cost too.
  2. When changes take place, make sure you let your insurer know. This could be an improvement you have made to your security systems. This could then result in a reduction in your insurance premiums. You also need to be open and honest about any changes, risks or break-ins. Do not downplay the risks as this could result in you being liable for costs if your home was entered illegally.
  3. Get professional advice from home security experts like our team. Don’t just ask about intruder alarms and fire alarms. Instead ask if they can make any recommendations to improve the security of your home. A simple upgrade to your home security may not cost very much. However, it could seriously increase your home security and low your premiums.
  4. Shop around for the best home insurance deals. Don’t just stick with the company you have. You may find some really good deals with a new home insurance provider, or a better deal with your bank for example.
  5. Pay the annual premium upfront instead of monthly. This will be a larger one-off fee for the year, but you will save money over the year and it will reduce your home insurance premium.

If you would like more advice or any information to reduce your insurance premiums or improve your home security, call our team now. We will be happy to discuss your home security and offer you peace of mind that you, your home and family are safe.