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Government Funding For Fire Alarm Installations

By February 11, 2022No Comments

Government Funding For Fire Alarm Installations

Are you the leaseholder of a building and awaiting the completion of remediation works? If you are currently being forced to pay for ‘waking watch’ solutions – then this a must-read blog post for you. We share a way that you can save money on your waking watch solution, by receiving government funding for your fire alarm installations.

A waking watch solution is often used in buildings where remedial works are taking place. The waking watch system is where the building is continually patrolled by employed people, known as the waking watch patrol. They continually patrol the building looking out for fires. Building owners have been forcing leaseholders of these buildings to pay the high costs for these.

However, there is now government funding available for fire alarm systems. This will mean that leaseholders don’t need to pay the high prices for a waking watch solution. Meanwhile, the buildings will still be safe and secure.

The Waking Watch Replacement Fund has been introduced as a way to help with the misuse of this waking watch practice. Instead, it encourages leaseholders to install fire alarm systems. Research shows that these fire alarm systems are proven to be not only more effective, but also cheaper in the long-term.

The Government have overhauled their approach towards building safety. Their key focus is to restore common sense in the market while ensuring that a more proportionate approach to fire safety is in place for building measuring under 18 metres. Previously, the Waking Watch Relief Fund was only for building over 18 metres. This is where the Waking Watch Replacement Fund has been brought in.

If you are the leaseholder of an eligible building and you’d like government funding for fire alarm installations, call our team now. We can visit your building and recommend the best fire alarm system for your building, needs and requirements. Our funding experts can then help you apply for the government funding for fire alarm installations. Contact us now to find out more.