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How Different Industries Benefit From Access Control Systems

By February 22, 2023No Comments

How Different Industries Benefit From Access Control Systems

It goes without saying that security is paramount for every person and every business. There are ways that we all benefit from an access control system. This is the case whether you are a large corporate or a small business, along with everything in between. There are a selection of ways that different industries benefit from access control systems.

In this blog post we look at home some well-known industries commonly adopt and benefit from access control technologies and systems.

  • Financial Properties and Institutions

Banks and other financial properties are constantly under threat from security breaches. It is essential that this industry needs to manage security without employing physical security that can be expensive and unreliable due to human error. An access control system in a bank or other financial property can lock doors and offices remotely. This means that the property can be protected without the need for any physical intervention.

  • Multi-Site Businesses

A business with multiple sites can have particular challenges when it comes to security. Traditional locks and not terribly secure and can be damaged. In addition to this, legacy access control systems present logistical challenges for users. For example, each site will require it’s own individual server. In turn, this means that a high-level support is required to ensure that individual employees have the access they need when visiting the multiple sites of the business.

With new cloud-based access control systems, it means these businesses with multiple sites have the flexibility to scale up and down, as and when required. This enables them to provide the right level of security at each site, without needing individual site servers. These businesses will also have remote access which means that access and permissions can be given, changed and restricted from and to anywhere in the world.

  • Education Providers

The providing of security and safety for students and teaching staff should be a top priority for education providers. Access control systems in this industry can allow these premises to give legitimate access to the facilities onsite. They will also be able to set parameters for specific individuals such as delivery drivers, supply staff or parents for example. It is also possible to set time restrictions for access control of contractors. This can be very useful to education providers as it only allows contractors on site during particular, set hours.

  • Healthcare Services

Hospitals logistics are complex. There are multiple areas of the hospital where access needs to be restricted. However, the access to these areas and the restrictions constantly changes dependent on the day and the challenges the hospital faces. In addition to this, shift patterns change the number of people in areas and access required. There will also be areas of the building where only people with the correct permissions can be allowed in set areas. This can all be managed through access control systems.


Want to know more about how different industries benefit access control systems? Contact our access control system experts now. We will happily answer any questions that you might have.