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Access Control

How Do Access Control Systems Work?

By February 12, 2023No Comments

THow Do Access Control Systems Work?

Access control systems are great for providing security. They restrict who can enter a building or an area of a building at any time. The more technologically advances access control systems can also allow entry to all authorised users. In addition to this, the system can verify everyone who enters and exits a monitored area within the business premises.

There are many different methods for controlling access within these security systems. These include things like RFI, also known as Radio Frequency Identification lock systems. They can also use biometrics, key cards, smart devices and electromagnetic mechanisms for example.

Access control systems work in the way that when a person tried to enter a building or area of a building, their credentials are authenticated. This authentication could be anything from a fingerprint to a security card, for example. This information is then sent to the access control unit. The access control unit will grant or deny access as required.

When the access control unit receives the information and the credentials it can verify the user and that they have the permission needed for to enter that area. There will be a selection of digital tests that the users’ credentials will need to pass before access is granted. For example, that the users’ credentials are correct for that particular area or specific room. It will also check that the person can gain access to that area during the permitted timeframe. It will also check if it is outside of that timeframe. The user will need to use of the correct trigger types for the access control system to allow them access too.

If the user’s information and credentials pass all these digital checks, they will gain access to the area. The security device will be unlocked for them to enter or exit. This will work differently dependent on the access control systems that you have in place. For example, if you have an electromagnetic lock the power supply to that door will be momentarily stopped. This is done while checks are completed. However, door strikes will enable the doors to unlock for a few seconds, via the power supply.

If you want to know more about access control systems and how they could work for your business premises, call our team now. We will happily answer any queries you have. We cam also visit you at your business too.