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How Do Motion-Activated Security Cameras Work?

By June 26, 2022June 28th, 2022No Comments

How Do Motion-Activated Security Cameras Work?

If you are looking to achieve a secure and comprehensive level of security on your business or home, but without a full team of security staff, motion-activated security cameras could work for you. These type of security cameras will only record when something is happening. This can then be sent to you or the person responsible for the property via a notification on a smartphone. You will gain instant access to your cameras. This means that you can see what it is happening and report any potential security threats or suspicious activity.

One of the great things about motion-activated surveillance cameras is that they are designed to only record footage when there is movement in the area that the camera is monitoring.  This means that you will only get alerted when suspicious activity is taking place. You won’t need to watch your CCTV cameras all day in case something is happening. You also won’t waste storage of an empty area being recorded for hours on end.

Motion activated security cameras work so you can keep an eye on things within your home or business. This can be done without monitoring the surveillance cameras all day and night.

There is a section of different motion-activated cameras on the market. The most common type of these is the PIR sensor camera. It is also known as the Passive Infrared security camera. These CCTV cameras will use infrared motion detector. This will sense movement in any given area. As any motion is detected in the chosen area, the camera will start recording and taking photos of this activity and movement.

If you would like to take your motion-activated security cameras to the next level, there are security cameras that use motion detection software to detect any motion. The motion is then compared to a database of known movements. If the movement is then considered to be suspicious, an alert can be sent to you or the person managing the building.

The latest motion-activated security cameras use facial-recognition software. This enables the cameras to tell the difference between an animal and a human. If a human is detected, then an alert will be sent out. This is ideal in homes with pets or businesses in more rural areas, for example.

If you would like to know how motion-activated security cameras could work in your property, contact our security team now.