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How Jensen Security And Fire Systems Support Housing Associations

How Jensen Security And Fire Systems Support Housing Associations

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we work in a wide range of industries, helping to protect people from the dangers of fire and security risks. One of the sectors that we have a lot of experience in is housing associations.

We know that social housing and multi-tenant properties present large-scale fire risks as well as security challenges. This is why we have an experienced team of security experts and fire safety specialists to work with our housing association clients. Most deaths from fire occur in dwellings and those link in blocks of flats. This means that housing associations can be amongst the most vulnerable of locations for these fatal fires.

Our aim is to protect residents in housing associations from the risk of fire. We help these housing associations meet the strict guidelines of security and fire systems. These strict guidelines include the updated Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 along with the BS269 code of practice.

The regulations are becoming even more stringent in regard to security and fire safety systems with housing associations. This is why housing associations need to work with a trusted, reliable, professional and experienced security and fire safety company to ensure that their residents are safe in case of an emergency.

The experienced team here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems understand the needs and challenges that housing associations face. This is why we are here to undertake and complete remediation programmes to meet the updated Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. We can also ensure fire risk assessments are comprehensive, robust and completed to a high standard regularly.

Our fire safety and security experts will ensure that your housing association is compliant with the BS8629 code of practice, including the evacuation alert systems. All legacy fire and security systems can be tested and upgraded, where required, by our engineers too. We can install smoke, heat, fire and CO2 detectors into your properties too. In addition, we can update emergency voice systems and enhance the effectiveness of passive fire controls.

The security of your properties is just as important, and challenging, as your fire safety. Our security experts can improve the capacity and coverage of your CCTV through the day and night. In addition, incident monitoring and video management can be made available to you. Our team can add smart and contactless access control for the safe entry of doors and carparks. Visitor management systems can be integrated into existing security systems to offer additional safety to residents.

Want to know more about how Jensen Security and Fire Systems support housing associations like yours? Call our team now to find out more.