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How Long Do Fire Extinguishers Last?

How Long Do Fire Extinguishers Last?

It is important that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking that fire extinguishers last forever. This is definitely not the case. All fire extinguishers will expire at some point. However, there is not always a strict expiration date on the fire extinguisher. This can make it tricky to know how long your fire extinguishers will last.

That said, your fire extinguisher will very often be your first line of defence against a fire. This is why it is so important that it is in good working order. Your fire extinguisher needs to be functional and well maintained at all times. This means, that if there is an emergency, you will be able to rely on it.

So, how long do fire extinguishers last? There are a few different factors that affect the lifespan of a fire extinguisher. For example, different types of fire extinguishers last for different number of times. The length of time a fire extinguisher will last also depends on if the fire extinguisher is disposable or rechargeable.

A fire extinguisher that is better maintained will also last longer than an extinguisher that hasn’t been maintained for some years, or since it was installed. The date that the extinguisher was manufactured will also affect the length of time it will last too. It is always important that you check the extinguisher manufacturer recommendations as well. This will help you understand how long they believe that the extinguisher will last.

NFPA have set out their standards as to how long they believe that a fire extinguisher should last. Their standards state that disposable fire extinguishers should be replace every 12 years. In addition to this, they advise that a rechargeable fire extinguisher should be recharged every 6 years.

The key difference between disposable extinguishers and rechargeable extinguishers on sight are their heads. A disposable fire extinguisher will have a plastic head. The gauge attached to this will read ‘full’ or ‘empty’. Meanwhile, a rechargeable fire extinguisher will have a metal head. The gauge attached to it will read ‘charge’ or ‘recharge’.

If you’re not sure who long your fire extinguishers will last, or if they have expired, call our team. We can arrange for a free site visit to check and maintain your fire extinguishers. If any need repairing or replacing, our fire extinguisher specialists can do that for you too.