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How Often Do You Think A House Burglary Takes Place?

By July 29, 2020No Comments

It is essential that you protect yourself, your family and your home from a burglary. Crime reports show that a burglary occurs every 40 seconds in the UK.  In this blog post we share some of these UK burglary statistics to help you protect yourself from becoming a victim of a house burglary in the future.

In 73% of house burglaries, the burglar will use a door to gain entry into the property. Worryingly, 3% of these doors have been left open. In the warmer weather make sure you shut your door. Maybe you’re in the back garden and letting a breeze through the home for example. If that is the case make sure you can see the front door or someone is in the house. If not, shut that door so nobody can gain easy access to your home.

Crime reports show that 57% of burglaries actually happen when someone is in the home. Included in this 57%, in 20% of burglaries on a home the victim will see the offender. Security lighting outside your home or visible CCTV cameras can work as deterrent for potential burglars.  Make sure you set any house alarms before you go to bed too.

56% of all burglaries happen during the night where crimes can be committed under the cover of darkness. 30% of all burglaries on homes actually take place at the weekend evenings. If you are having a house party, don’t leave the front door open for guests. By getting guests to knock on arrival you can make sure only your friends are entering your home. If you are out late at weekends or away for the weekend then consider timed lighting in your home. This will make it look like someone is home.

In 40% of all house burglaries property will be stolen. However, only 9% of victims will get that property returned to them. By having CCTV in your home you have the proof you need that property is yours so the police can return it. This CCTV footage can also be given to your insurance company so they can see the items that were stolen from your home.

If you would like help protecting yourself and your family if a house burglary takes place, call our team. We can come to your home and recommend the right home security solutions for you. Our home security solutions will be unique to you. They will suit your home, your family and your budget.