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Fire Safety

How To Identify Fire Hazards In A Factory

By August 24, 2022No Comments

How To Identify Fire Hazards In A Factory

In this blog post we share tips on how to identify fire hazards in a factory or warehouse. This is because the nature of the work and materials within factories and warehouses can mean a greater chance and risk of fire. As a result of these additional fire hazards in a factory or warehouse, appropriate action is required to comply with current legislation and protect lives.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems, our fire safety engineers have put together some fire safety guidelines to help warehouse and factory owners. These will help those people ensure they are complying with current legislations. We have shared some of these points below. But for more details and advice, please contact our fire safety specialists directly.

It is essential that a fire risk assessment should be undertaken by the responsible person. This will help to identify fire hazards. Based on this, suitable measures can be implemented to ensure that the factory or warehouse complies with current legislations. This fire risk assessment will also help the business reduce the likelihood of a fire and the impact of the risk.

The fire risk assessment is one of the most important parts of the responsible person’s role. This is because there are so many potential fire hazards and risks in a factory or warehouse. These must be considered when performing a fire risk assessment. These potential fire hazards in a factory or warehouse include things like processes involving flammable substances as well as discarded smoking materials.

The potential fire hazards also include things like the misuse or faults of electrical appliances. The appliances and cooking performed in workplace kitchenettes needs to be included too. Storage of flammable or combustible materials needs to be included in the fire risk assessment. As does any work involving gas torches, angle grinders and similar heavy machinery and equipment.

These are just some of the fire hazards in a factory or warehouse that need to be identified. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we can schedule and carry out annual fire extinguisher services. We will also service your fire extinguishers on site and replace any damaged fire extinguishers. Call our fire extinguisher engineers now to find out more.