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Fire Safety

How To Prevent Fire In A Warehouse

How To Prevent Fire In A Warehouse

The importance of fire safety is essential within all buildings. However, when it comes to factories and warehouses, fire safety is even more important. It is important that you do all you can to prevent a fire in a warehouse or factory. This is because there is a risk not only to lives but also business assets. Even a small fire could cause injury to staff members, damage your building premises or destroy stock and machinery. In turn, this will impact hugely on the revenue and productivity of the warehouse, factory or business.

There are a number of reasons that a fire could start. It could be criminal activity or arson for example. A fire could also start due to faulty electrics, hazardous stock or just an accident. No matter the cause of the fire, it is important you think about how to prevent a fire in your warehouse or factory.

  • Fire Risk Assessments

You should carry out regular fire risk assessments within the business premises. These should also be completed when major changes occur to the business. The fire risk assessment will provide you with an overview of hazards, people at risk and any additional fire safety training that is required.

  • PAT Testing

It is essential that all portable electrical equipment is tested. It needs to be in a good working condition at all times. Regular PAT testing will check for any potential dangers. These can then be resolved, repaired or replaced before they cause serious damager in your factory or warehouse.

  • Regular Maintenance

As well as the regular maintenance of your fire safety equipment such as fire detectors and fire alarms, you need to ensure the machinery within the warehouse is regularly maintained too. This will enable any faults to be spotted quickly. These faults can then be fixed before any serious damage is caused. In turn, this will reduce the risk of a fire being caused due to the faulty equipment or machinery.

  • Fire Extinguishers

It is essential that you have the right class of fire extinguisher in your factory or warehouse. These fire extinguishers also need to be regularly maintained so they are always in good working order. It is highly recommended that your team are trained so they know how to use a fire extinguisher correctly in case of a fire.

  • Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are an effective way of alerting people of a fire. In turn, the fire alarm will help to protect lives. The fire alarm will also help you locate the source of the fire in larger buildings. Here at Jensen Security, we can tailor the fire alarm system to the layout of your building.


These are just some of the ways you can prevent a fire in your warehouse or factory. For more information, contact our fire safety time directly.