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How To Protect Your Home In A Rural Location

By February 17, 2021No Comments

How To Protect Your Home In A Rural Location

Living in the countryside is a dream or many people. However, living in the rural countryside does have its disadvantages too. While crime rates are lower in more rural areas, they do still happen, and you don’t have local police or nearby neighbours to keep an eye out for you. This is why you need to think about how to protect your home in a rural location.

Having an effective home security system is vital to help protect your home in a rural location. This is especially the case if you have multiple outbuildings, livestock or expensive machinery. When you protect your home in a rural location you are not just protecting your home and your belongings. You are also protecting your family and your peace of mind that they are safe.

So, how can you protect your home in a rural location?

  • CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Having access to a view of your property 24 hours a day is very reassuring. CCTV cameras can help you see your home and the area around it. This can all be viewed through your mobile phone. If there is suspicious movement in or around your home, then your phone can be triggered, and you can see what is happening. If the worst happens and you see an intruder, you can contact the police. You can then use the video footage as evidence to aid the investigation and make an insurance claim.

  • Intruder Alarms

An intruder alarm is an extremely effective method for deterring and catching criminals in the act. Statistics prove that a home without an intruder alarm is five times more like to be burgled. This is just one example of why an intruder alarm is an excellent purchase to protect your home and family. Intruder alarms are extremely loud so they will alert you, the thief and people nearby. You can also get an alert on your smart phone if the alarm is triggered.

  • Boundaries

A good way to secure your home in a rural area is with boundaries. These will help you reduce the number or entrance exit points to your property. Encapsulating your property with fencing, stone walls or thick hedges are all effective but non-intrusive ways of creating a barrier around your home and restricting access to your property. If you have one entry and exit point you can focus efforts on monitoring that point with cameras or sensors that alert you as people leave or arrive at your property.

  • Deter Criminals

Intruders will be intimidated by motion sensor security lighting, CCTV cameras and visible intruder alarms. Consider installing signage that confirms the security measures in place too. This will deter potential intruders from completing criminal activity on your property. Barking dogs are a great deterrent too, especially large dogs barking.


Get in touch with our specialist security team to see how we can help you secure your home in a rural location.