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How To Tell If Your Fire Extinguisher Needs Replacing

How To Tell If Your Fire Extinguisher Needs Replacing

How long have you had your fire extinguisher? Do you think it is still in date? Could it be time to get it replaced? In this blog we look at how you can tell if your fire extinguisher needs replacing. This way you will know that your fire extinguisher can be relied upon if a fire was found, or an emergency took place when it was needed.

More fire extinguishers will have a recommended replacement date. This date will have been chosen by the manufacturer as to when they think your fire extinguisher needs replacing. However, some fire extinguishers do not have expiry dates. This can make it hard to tell if your fire extinguisher needs replacing or not.

There are checks that you can do each month to ensure that your fire extinguisher is still in good working order and functional. For example, you can check the pressure gauge on the fire extinguisher for depressurisation. Look at where the needle on the gauge is. If it is outside the green zone, they it will need to be replaced. This is because outside the green zone means the fire extinguisher is depressurised and inoperable.

You should also check your fire extinguishers monthly for any signs of damage. These signs of damage could include loose pieces, rust or corrosion to the extinguisher for example. Spotting these signs of damage could mean that the fire extinguisher is not working, or it will not function properly in case of a fire.

The fire extinguisher engineers here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems can also complete a hydrostatic test. This will be where your extinguisher is measured to test the integrity of the cylinder of your fire extinguisher. If your fire extinguisher fails then it must be replaced, as a matter of urgency.

Having your fire extinguishers checked, inspected, tested, serviced and maintained on a regular basis will help to extend their lifespan. Why not call our fire extinguisher specialists now to book your fire extinguisher service?