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Why Is Industrial Fire Damper Maintenance Important?

Why Is Industrial Fire Damper Maintenance Important?

Fire dampers are a vital part of the fire safety strategy of your industrial building, as is fire damper maintenance. Your fire dampers should be regularly tested, serviced and well maintained. This means that is an emergency and the fire dampers need to be called upon, they will activate as they have been designed to. This will prevent the fire from spreading through the industrial building via the ductwork.

It is important that all of the fire dampers within your industrial building should be well located, serviced, tested and maintained. It is vital that your fire safety requirements are maintained. This means that an annual industrial fire damper maintenance service should be completed. These regular industrial fire damper maintenance services will ensure that they continue to be in safe working order. If any problems are seen, these can be rectified, and any work can be carried out.

Our industrial fire damper maintenance survey will verify that each any every damper within your building is clean. We will also check that there are no obstructions as these could prevent the damper from closing. The fire damper maintenance check will also ensure that the fire damper is mechanically sound and operatives correctly when tested.

Good industrial fire damper maintenance is required because a good working fire damper will significantly slow down the progression of the fire. In turn, this will provide additional valuable time for the safe evacuation of those in the building. It will also give the fire fighters more time to try and put the fire out.

Fire dampers are mechanical in their nature. This means that they can be prone to wear and tear along with dust and grease ingress. They can even be prone to corrosion. This is why fire damper maintenance is so important in your industrial building Our team of fire damper maintenance specialists will ensure that your fire dampers can be relied upon to operate at this should in case of a fire or emergency.

There is very clear guidance on the regular intervals that fire dampers should be serviced and maintained in the British Standard BC9999:2008. Within Annex W is states that fire dampers should be tested every 12 months. However, if the fire dampers are in dust laden spaces, then fire damper maintenance should be completed on a more regular basis.

Failure to ensure that your fire dampers are tested and serviced in line with regulations could have severe consequences. These consequences could include the avoidable loss of life, invalid business insurance and the possibility of a fine or prosecution.

To ensure that your fire dampers are well maintained and in good working order, call our team now.