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Intruder Alarms In Small Businesses

By December 5, 2022No Comments

Intruder Alarms In Small Businesses

Most small business owners consider their intruder alarm system, also known as a burglar alarm, to be an important part of their overall business security. It protects the business and premises. However, it also deters protecting criminals while detecting any intruders.

An intruder alarm consists of control equipment and sensors. These activate a loud and audible siren when there is a break in to the business. Some small businesses chose to have the intruder alarm linked to a staffed remote monitoring service too. This offers added protection and a better level of response to a break in.

As there have been with CCTV cameras, there have also been huge advancements in the world of intruder alarm technology for small businesses. Many intruder alarms now use radio technology and are wire free too. They have very low false alarm rates, so when the alarm is triggered, you know it is something serious. As a small business owner, you may find that the more sophisticated intruder alarms enable you to better monitor staff movement around the business.

The right intruder alarm system for your small business will depend on a few things. The size of your small business and the layout of your business premises will need to be taken into account. The location of your business and the proximity to other business premises will be considered too.

It is possible to have other security systems integrated with your small business intruder alarm. This includes things such as access control and CCTV surveillance cameras for example. We can integrate new security systems or add the intruder alarm to your existing security systems. It all depends on what is best for your business and needed to protect your business.

Our intruder alarm experts will visit your business and help you understand the best intruder alarm system for your small business. Call us now to book your free security visit.