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Is A Monitored Alarm System Essential?

By July 30, 2019No Comments

Is A Monitored Alarm System Essential?

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we speak to lots of our clients about the right alarm systems for home or alarm systems for business. We will often be asked if a monitored alarm system is essential and that’s a really good question.

There is no straight answer to if this sort of alarm system essential because it depends on the needs of you, your home or your business. We have tackled the question in this blog post;

It is important to note that monitored alarm system is not monitored by the police. Instead it is monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre, known as an ARC. The Alarm Receiving Centre has access to the police via a designated phone line. When your alarm goes off the Alarm Receiving Centre contact the police and the police will respond to your alarm.

Getting a top security system installed in your home or business is highly recommended. This means you are adding a layer of security to your home, business, family and possessions. However, having a monitored alarm system adds one more layer of security. This additional layer of security can be essential in some cases.

If your house alarm goes off and it is not monitored then you are relying on neighbours to respond or call the police. However, if your alarm system is monitored then it can never be ignored.

If you are unsure if a monitored alarm system is essential for your home or business then ask yourself the following two questions;

  1. What do you do if you hear a burglar alarm going off as you walk down the street?
  2. Can you be absolutely sure that you somebody will be alerted and act when they hear your alarm go off?

If you are unsure then we would recommend that you consider a monitored alarm system for your home or business. This way you know that if someone breaks in and the alarm goes off, action will be taken.