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Is My Home A Target For Burglars?

By April 5, 2022No Comments

Is My Home A Target For Burglars?

Are you worried that your home is a target for burglars? You could be making your home a target for burglars without even realising. Research shows that on average a burglary or break-in happens every 106 seconds in the UK.

In this blog post we share some top tips to help avoid your home being a target for burglars.

  • Your Valuables

Where do you leave your valuables such as car keys, bank cards, handbag, mobile phone and laptop? If these things are left on show and easy to see through a window that you are making your home a target for burglars. Make sure you keep your valuable items out of sight from people passing by. Blinds are a great way of heling protect your home by blocking a clear view into your home.

  • Your ID

Think about where you leave your opened and unopened post, if your bank card is left on show next to the computer or your wallet in clear view. Research shows that around 500 identities are stolen everyday within the UK. Make sure your personal ID and private information are hidden away out of sight. Choose somewhere that they can be stored safely too.

  • Car Security

If you have a garage, we recommend you put your car in the garage. This will be an immediate additional level of security for your car. If you have to park your car on the drive, then consider installing a gate so it is safe. The harder it is to steal your car, the more likely the potential thief will be deterred. You may also want to consider a surveillance camera to keep an eye on your car while it is parked outside your home.

  • Lock Windows and Doors

We all lock our doors and windows naturally, without a second thought. But do we? Opportunistic thieves will check for unlocked house or car doors. They’ll check windows are locked and secure too. If not, this is how they will enter your home or steal your belongings. Always double check your doors and windows and securely locked before going to bed or leaving the house.

  • Social Media Oversharing

We all do it from time to time. Whether it’s a photo of the kid’s birthday presents all laid out ready for the next day, the new TV you have just treated yourself too or an exciting holiday you have booked. Be really careful sharing things on your social media accounts. These posts will tell thieves what is in your home and when you are aware. Even the harmless holiday snaps – save them until you get home!


Want to make sure your home isn’t a target for burglars? Call us for a free home security review and we can recommend where your home security can be improved.