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Keeping Pets Safe At Home

By February 19, 2020No Comments

Keeping Pets Safe At Home

All the time we are hearing more and more awful stories about pets being stolen. In many cases they are being stolen for breeding, baiting or selling. Pets are part of the family and it only normal that as per-owners you want to make sure you are keeping pets safe at home, even when you’re not there.

One important thing that every pet owner should do is make sure your pets are micro-chipped. This means if they are stolen or lost, then they can be returned to you. However, if the thief doesn’t get caught then your pet may not get found.

Pedigree pets can often be stolen in premeditated attacks. It is important that you consider the security of your home to ensure that you are keeping pets safe at home. We would recommend you train your dog on stranger danger. If someone enters the home without a member of the family you need to make sure they don’t go up to the thief for a treat or petting, for example.

While you may like the fact your pet has free range of your home, having your pet on view to the world walking past your window can be attractive to a pet thief. Consider having areas of the home where your pet can stay during the day. Make sure this area has a place for your pet to eat, sleep, drink and toilet.

If you let your dog out, then consider the back garden where it may be more secure and less people pass by. Make sure you keep an eye on your pet when they are outside too.

Finally, CCTV surveillance cameras and intruder alarms are a great way for keeping pets safe at home. We can set up alarm systems that are designed to not trigger if your pet moves, but to trigger if someone tries to force entry into your home.

If you have a pet and you’re worried about how safe they are during the day or when you are out, call our team of home security experts. We can help put the right security in place so you can keep your pets safe at home.