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Pet Friendly Home Alarm Systems

By September 11, 2019September 20th, 2019No Comments

Many homeowners in the UK have a beloved pooch or furry friend at home. They welcome us as we enter the home, whether that is bounding up to us, licking us to near death or just directing us to the food bowl as they have decided it is dinner time as you’re home.

While a barking dog or a meowing cat in the middle of the night might be annoying, it may also tell us that something is not right. That something could be a potential break in, theft taking place, or about to take place.

It’s great to know that you would be aware of a potential break in, because your guard cat or dog would let you know… or would they?

Many pet owners feel that they can’t have a home alarm because it will be set off by their pets throughout the day and night. However this isn’t the case. Your home needs to be protected, and your pets do too, and we have a pet friendly home alarm system that can help.

With the right home intruder alarm it is possible to have a pet friendly home alarm system installed in your home. Burglar alarms often use a PIR sensor. This is a passive infrared sensor that detects movement with an infrared light. However if you have a per you need a motion sensor that can tell the difference between your cat having some 3am exercise running through the house, your dog playing with its toy or a thief breaking into your home and stealing your possessions, or even the pets.

We have pet friendly home alarm systems that know the difference between your cat jumping on the TV cabinet, to someone stealing your TV. These pet friendly home alarm systems know if it is your dog jumping on the sofa or a thief stealing your sofa.

If you would like to know more about pet friendly home alarm systems then please contact us directly. Nobody wants an intruder alarm that is set off all the time by your pets, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your home unprotected.