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Keeping Your Bike Safe At Home In Stamford

By June 8, 2022June 13th, 2022No Comments

Keeping Your Bike Safe At Home In Stamford

Stamford is a safe place to live and has relatively low crime rates. However, potential thieves and criminals can be tempted to any areas if they see something that they like the look of. During the pandemic many of us used the extra time to get fit and healthy. This meant purchasing a new bike or getting out on old bikes more. In this blog we share some tips for keeping your bike safe in Stamford.

These bikes can be worth lots of money. At The Cyclists of Stamford, we have seen members with bikes costing several thousand pounds. It is essential that these bikes are kept securely and safely to avoid the risk of them being stolen. So, lets look at how you can go about keeping your bike safe at home in Stamford.

It is okay to store your bike in a shed or outbuilding. However, you need to ensure that the shed or outbuilding is well guarded with a high-quality locking and security system. By putting a selection of home security features in place, this can often be enough to deter a potential thief.

A ground anchor for example. This is a great way of keeping your bike safe if it is stored in your shed. However, a ground anchor is only as good as the strength of your lock. Your ground anchor will give you something to attach your bike too. This means that your lock needs to be strong when attached to the ground anchor. They can be tricky to install but will help avoid the risk of your bike being stolen.

If you have more than one bike, you may choose to lock them together. This will make it a lot harder and more time-consuming for a potential thief to steal your bikes. This is even more so the case if the bikes are locked together with different types of locks, as well attached to another lock, wall or ground anchor.

It’s a good idea to cover any windows that you have in your shed, garage or outhouse. Just like you wouldn’t leave valuables on show in your home, avoid doing this with your bike too. Placing a old dust sheet over your bike is a good idea too. This can avoid it being spotted if a potential thief does illegally enter your property.

There are also home security systems that you may want to consider when keeping your bike safe at home in Stamford. Intruder alarms on your outhouse can be a great way of deterring criminals. It will also alert you if an intruder enters the area. CCTV cameras are an excellent deterrent. You can also keep an eye on any potential thieves or people acting suspiciously around your property.

Want to know more about keeping your bike secure at home in Stamford? Call our home security specialists now.

If you are a member of The Cyclists of Stamford, we have a selection of home security offers available to you. Contact us to find out more.