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The Connection Between Jensen Security And TCOS

The Connection Between Jensen Security And TCOS

You may have seen from previous blog posts, our social media posts or even through cycling that Jensen Security are connected to The Cyclists of Stamford. But what is the connection between Jensen Security and TCOS?

Ben Donovan, the Director of Jensen Security is a keen cyclist. He has been involved with The Cyclists of Stamford. He was the 5th member of the group and has been with them ever since. Ben tries to ride at least 100 miles a week. However, he admits that this isn’t always possible due to family and work commitments.

Since joining TCOS, Ben has spoken with a lot of members that are concerned about the security of their bikes. After all, high quality bikes can be quite the investment. In turn, this can make them very attractive to potential thieves.

This is where the connection between Jensen Security and TCOS came in. Ben wanted to help The Cyclists of Stamford members secure their bikes. Therefore, Jensen Security are proud to offer a free review of any fire or security system in homes of TCOS members. We will also offer 20% discount of any new security or fire system to all members. Further to this we offer a 10% discount on the takeover of any domestic intruder alarm of CCTV systems and 10% off the first years’ service cost too.

Ben understands the importance of good home security to protect your bike. He owns a specialised Roubaix. It is kept in his garage. The garage has an intruder alarm that when activated dials through to a 24-hour alarm receiving centre. The police are then automatically contacted if a confirmed signal is received.

Want to know more about safely securing your bike? Give our team a call for advice, or have a chat with Ben when you’re next on a ride with The Cyclists of Stamford. Contact us directly to find out more about the connection between Jensen Security and TCOS and the other special offers we have available for The Cyclists of Stamford members.