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Why You Need A CCTV Policy

Why You Need A CCTV Policy

As a business owner you may be considering the installation of CCTV surveillance cameras at your business premises. CCTV is a great way of protecting your business and employees. It gives you real-time monitoring of your business. CCTV also deters potential criminals. However, if you are going to install CCTV cameras, you need a CCTV policy.

What Is A CCTV Policy?

A CCTV policy is something that explains the use of the CCTV system. This policy will justify the use of the cameras. It will also explain why visitors to the business premises are being recorded. The policy will explain what is being recorded, why and what will be done with the recordings.

Does My Business Need A CCTV Policy?

If you have surveillance cameras on your business premises, then you need a policy in place. This is essential to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Legislation). The policy is required because the recording and surveillance is taking place outside of someone’s private property.

There are multiple rules and regulations that a business owner must follow and obey in order to use a CCTV security system in their business. Here at Jensen Security, we will ensure that when we install your CCTV surveillance system, you meet and exceed all of these requirements, while protecting and securing your business.

If a business was to ignore CCTV surveillance data protection rules that could face fines. The ICO has the power to impose these fines and monetary penalties on data controllers of CCTV cameras. These fines could be up to £500,000!

Why Is A CCTV Policy So Important?

If a business does not have a surveillance policy, they are not abiding to the GDPR legislation and they are breaking the law. A CCTV policy is crucial for a business, for this reason. Without a policy it would also mean that any footage or recordings captured could not be used as evidence or for any legal reasons. This is because the recordings would be classed as illegal.


Do you have a CCTV policy in your business? Are you considering installing CCTV in your business? Let us help you ensure you meet all legal regulations and rules.