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Lincoln Crown Court: Fire Safety Installations

By September 29, 2018November 27th, 2018No Comments

A Historical Treasure In Need Of

Fire Safety Improvements.

Lincoln Crown Court is a majestic building situated within the grounds of Lincoln Castle. The building dates back to the 11th century, where William The Conqueror wanted to build a castle to display his power. Many admire its impressive structure and historical interest, bringing tourists from local and afar. Jensen Security had the honour of being contacted by the owners of Lincoln Crown Court, requesting fire safety improvements.

The project took place last year in 2017; we set a deadline and spread the labour throughout a few months. Our engineers got to work creating a plan of action, determining how we aimed to work with the fragile walls without leaving damage. We also come up with an approach to carry out the work on a day-to-day basis when it was busy.

What did the engineers work on in particular?

As Lincoln Crown Court was a complex building with many rooms, we needed engineers working in different areas.

Each engineer was in charge of handling a different task. Two focused on swapping out fire safety devices in the courtrooms, basement area and hallways of the building.

Another engineer swapped the fire alarm devices for an Apollo xp95 protocols.

What did we install at Lincoln Crown Court?

Firstly, we needed to remove the existing fire alarm devices, which was going to be a challenging move. The engineers had to carefully remove the devices, without affecting the quality of the paintwork or material.

In its place, our engineer installed an updated addressable system, the new detectors each had their unique address. When one detector experiences a fault or detects a fire signal, this will show on the main fire alarm panel.

As for the previous control panel, our engineers replaced this with an improved version. The fire detectors now send a description to the device, telling the user the location of the fire. It can also state what fault has occurred and what zone the fire is in, for emergencies.

By providing this new information, users will now be able to identify areas affected by the fire, improving safety. The detectors allow you time to prevent the fire from spreading and direct the emergency services to the correct area.

Within Lincoln Crown Court we installed an advanced two-loop panel and multiple Apollo xp95 smoke detectors. We also set up heat detectors apparent with sound strobe bases.

As for the courtrooms, our engineers installed beam detectors. The room was very ornate and had a high ceiling; therefore smoke detectors would have been impractical.

The prison cells had an aspirating system installed connected to a control panel, featuring pipes that ran from cell to cell. This equipment drew in outside air continuously; it can also detect smoke alerting the control panel of a fire.