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Security and Fire Safety

The Centre, Milton Keynes: Security Systems and Fire Alarm Installations

By August 24, 2018November 27th, 2018No Comments

Extensive security projects for a popular tourist destination.

The Centre is a prestigious shopping centre located in the heart of Milton Keynes. The building holds over 200 stores, welcoming millions of visitors every year, this is the exact reason why the managerial team at The Centre contacted Jensen Security and Fire Systems, looking to improve the property’s security.

The project involved upgrading the CCTV systems, fire alarms, PAVA and water sprinklers, providing the public and the building with the best level of protection 24-hours a day. However, as the building was prone to receiving tonnes of visitors during the day, our engineers were going to have to work throughout the night to complete the work. The project was set to last over a couple of weeks, all so we could ensure that we’d meet the best standards when wiring, installing and configuring the equipment.

PAVA and CCTV installation for Sunset Walk

Firstly our engineers started work in Sunset Walk, a popular area in the shopping centre that is complete with an outside parking lot. The summary of the project here was to install a new PAVA system and commercial CCTV system, helping to improve the security of the public. A team of engineers wired in high-quality Aviligon cameras, this model provides an HD recording of the premises 24 hours a day, even in dark conditions.

As for the public address system, we installed several speakers around the Sunset Walk area, programming them all into one system, so the PAVA connects to the rest of the shopping centre’s voice alarms.

Fire Alarm, PAVA, CCTV and Access Control Installation for Deer Walk Washroom

The Deer Walk is known for its one primary attraction, which is that of its masterpiece restroom. The beautiful and stylish washroom attracts a generous amount of public users every day. It was our task to improve the safety in the Deer Walk area. Firstly the engineers wired and installed an entirely new fire alarm system, complete with emergency fire prevention (water sprinklers).

Next, our engineers worked overnight to establish PAVA and CCTV systems throughout the area, providing 24-hour surveillance of Deer Walk for safety and accident purposes. Lastly, our team got to work with installing access control, allowing The Centre to effectively manage the limits of entry for both staff and the public.

Professional configuration was carried out before wiring and installing the Aviligon cameras.

Fire Alarm and PAVA Installation for Borough Walk

Jensen Security’s next step involved moving the team down to Borough Walk to carry out safety improvements within the area. For public welfare, our engineers programmed in a new public address/voice alarm system, this new apparatus will allow the security at The Centre to make announcements at any time to large crowds of people, and with the number of visitors they receive, this system was more than necessary. We also installed a fire alarm system; we set up several control keypads before wiring in smoke detectors and fire alarm bells, introducing the new equipment in a timely and professional manner.


Fire Alarm and PAVA Installation for Crown Walk

Crown Walk is another walkway within The Centre, the area needed a safety upgrade, and so our engineers got to work. The team were installing a new fire alarm system, wiring and installing multiple fire alarms and detectors around the area. We completed this work by setting up control panels for the latest fire system, before moving onto a PAVA installation. Crown Walk now officially has access to public address speakers and is adequately prepared for the event of a fire.

Temporary Fire Alarm System Installation for Primark®

Our team were also assigned to install a temporary fire alarm system into the popular retail chain known as Primark ®.

The engineers started getting to work on this step of the project once the shopping centre was closed, giving them enough time to wire in several smoke detectors and fire bells. The shop now has the best standards of safety in the event of a fire, which is more than necessary due to the size of the store.

Fire Alarm System Installation for JD Sports®

The last shop we carried out work for included JD Sports®, for this widely popular provider of sports clothing and shoes, we installed a new fire alarm system.

Wiring in several fire alarms, our engineers connected them all to one control keypad system. After installation, we tested each fire alarm, making sure everything was working to standards.

After several weeks of solid work ethic from our engineers, we were finally able to provide The Centre, Milton Keynes with the best level of security and fire safety solutions. With new CCTV, fire alarms and PAVA systems, this popular tourist destination can now guarantee both the public and the property’s safety 24/7.