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Millions Of Pounds Of Damage To Empty Properties

By April 22, 2020No Comments

It is reported that millions of pounds worth of damage is done to empty properties every year in the UK. This damage to properties is in the form of vandalism and arson, and is completed by criminals and intruders to empty properties.

When a property is empty it can become an easy target for unauthorised visitors. These unauthorised visitors can include vandals, homeless people, drug users and trespassers. Their visits to your empty property can result in costly repairs and lots of stress.

It is important that you have a secure property. You can do this with simple deterrents like high fences or steel security for example. There are also high quality innovative security solutions available. These will offer a cost effective way to protect, secure, manage and monitor your valuable assets.

Why Secure Empty Properties?

  1. A well secured, protected and maintained empty property will be less attractive to vandals, arson and theft. If the property looks secure then this will deter potential vandals.
  2. If your empty property is well maintained and secure this will result into a lower insurance risk. This will be noticeable in your insurance costs.
  3. When you have a secure and well maintained property this will gain respect from your neighbours, who will keep an eye on your property for you.

Here at Jensen Security we can offer affordable and effective security solutions for your empty domestic or commercial property. Whether you need the latest intruder alarms, innovative CCTV surveillance cameras or more – let us know.

When your home or business is occupied this can be a deterrent. However, when you have an empty property this can be an attractive to potential criminals. Make sure your property is safe and secure. Millions of pounds of damage to empty properties is done every year – help us make sure your empty property is safe.

If you are unsure of the best security solution for your empty property, then speak to one of our security experts now.