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Business Security

Monitoring Your Vacant Property

By April 15, 2020No Comments

Whether you have a vacant property that you are looking to sell, or waiting to buy – this property is vacant and therefore vulnerable. The same can be said for all the business premises, offices and warehouses that are currently vacant while the UK is on lockdown.

An extremely effective and affordable way of monitoring your vacant property could be through 24 hour monitored CCTV or a monitored alarm system for example. In this blog post we would like to look at both of these options as a way to monitor your vacant property.

Monitoring Your Vacant Property with 24 Hour Monitored CCTV

Our contemporary CCTV surveillance cameras offer on-site security with off-site and remote monitoring. We will come and visit your vacant premises. During this time we will recommend the best places for the CCTV cameras to be installed. These cameras can then pan and tilt the business premises and surrounding areas to look out for any suspicious activity.

These recordings will be available as high quality footage that can be used in a case at court, used for insurance claims or support police in finding and arresting the criminal.

Monitoring Your Vacant Property with 24 Hour Monitored Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms are a very good deterrent against burglars. However, monitored alarm systems offer that next level of security. The alarm will alert you, your security response team or the police if an intruder enters the vacant property. Not only will you be alerted if the alarm goes off, this will be recorded too so that situation can be checked remotely to see if it is an intruder or passing wildlife, for example.

The alarm recordings can then be used as a way to gather evidence in the event of vandalism or attempted trespassers.

Through using monitored security for your vacant property you can be sure that the building is safe and secure. If something happens, you will know about it. You will also have the evidence you need to get the matter resolved.