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New Smoke Detector Regulations In Commercial And Public Buildings

By September 17, 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments

New Smoke Detector Regulations In Commercial And Public Buildings

In January 2022, new smoke detector regulations were introduced for commercial buildings and public buildings. In this blog post we look into what the new smoke regulations for commercial and public buildings are. We also look at how they could affect you as the owner or occupant of one of these building types. In addition, we share how we can help you meet these new regulations for commercial and public buildings.

Smoke Detector Regulations For Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings have very specific fire regulations. The regulations require that smoke detectors are installed in certain areas. These include spaces where people work or pass through. In includes areas such as corridors, stairwells.

The number and location of smoke detectors in commercial buildings depends on several factors. This includes the size of the building and the layout of the building. It also depends on the type of business conducted. The fire risk assessment of the property will also be looked at when planning out the number and location of smoke detectors. For example, if the fire risk assessment states the business premises is high fire risk, then additional smoke detectors will be required to provide adequate coverage.

Smoke Detector Regulations For Public Buildings

There are set requirements for smoke detectors in public buildings such as hospitals, government buildings and schools for example. These requirements are that smoke detectors are installed in all areas that are accessible to the public. This will include areas like stairwells and corridors. It will also include areas where public gatherings take place, such as auditoriums and conference rooms.

Just as the regulations are for commercial buildings, the number and location of the smoke detectors will depend on different things. For example, it will depend on the size and layout of the public building. It will also depend on the potential fire risk within the public building too. In some public buildings additional smoke detectors may be required in areas where hazardous materials are stored. This is also the case where large number of people congregate for example.


If you need help meeting smoke detector regulations for your commercial or public premises, call our fire safety professionals. They will be happy to meet you on site and ensure you have the best possible fire safety measures in place.