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Security and Fire Safety

Oxford Combined Court: Security and Fire Safety Installations

By November 28, 2018December 6th, 2018No Comments

Details of our project at the

historic court of law in Oxford.


Once our client accepted the proposal, our engineers prepared the equipment and developed a plan of action. Due to the age of the courts, we would need to work carefully and install the equipment without damaging the infrastructure.

Due to the extent of the work project, we could expect completion to be within a couple of weeks.

A major factor, which would delay the service, would be the fact that our team could only carry out work at night. The evening work was necessary to avoid disrupting the court when it is in use during the day.

Fire Safety Equipment

For the fire alarm system, we chose to install Apollo addressable VADs.

These fire alarm beacons are the perfect equipment for the high ceilings found in the court buildings. If the alarm were ever set off, it would sound an alarm, flash and alert the control panel.

The fire alarm control panel connects to all of the Apollo alarms; this way if a signal sounds, the user can see which one has.

This feature helps in emergencies, telling staff and firefighters where the location of the fire is within the court buildings.

Control panels also detect faults with the Apollo alarms and any other activity, showing the event onscreen.

Proudly, we are the first company to install the new Apollo addressable VADs since their introduction into the new standard in 2013. To have been the first to carry out this service for such a prestigious building gives our team great pride.

PAVA System

To enhance the safety of the Oxford Combined Courts, Jensen Security and Fire Systems installed a personal address/voice alarm.

The new PAVA equipment will provide the courtrooms with improved public safety, allowing users to address everyone in the building at one time.

These systems are useful in emergencies and when someone needs to make an important announcement to the magistrate. It took our engineer several days to wire, install and set up the voice alarm system throughout the building; then we tested the equipment to ensure it was working to the correct standards.

Additional Equipment

In the courts holding cells, we carried out further security and safety work. Working out of hours, our engineers installed new aspirating systems, setting up the equipment and fitting it throughout the cells.

This system is an active fire protection feature, in the case of a fire, the apparatus will draw in air through a network of pipes.

How did we find the overall project at Oxford Combined Court?

After a few weeks, our engineers had fully installed all of the Apollo fire alarms, a complete PAVA system and aspirating system. The upgrades now provide the combined courtrooms with improved security and fire safety 24 hours a day.

It was a fantastic project to work on, and we will continue to take pride with the fact we are the first installers of the advanced Apollo addressable system for the court.

Again, it was an honour to help make the magistrate’s courtrooms more secure and safe.