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Security and Fire Safety

Tesam Distribution Ltd: Security and Fire Safety Installations

By October 10, 2018December 6th, 2018No Comments

Fire safety improvements

for a main provider of warehousing & administration solutions

(Tesam Distribution (Clipper).

We were proud

to improve the company’s

fire safety.

Tesam Distribution (Clipper Logistics) is a national provider of warehousing and distribution services, delivering its attributes to the retail sector. There are three main sites located throughout Peterborough. The company has earned respect throughout the commercial industry and is becoming a popular franchise.

Jensen Security and Fire Systems discussed a significant project with the managerial party of Tesam Distribution Ltd. Our engineers were involved with taking over the alarm maintenance for all of Tesam’s existing worksites.

However, since then, the contract has continued to grow, and now we manage all of the company’s security systems. We take care of their; intruder alarms, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, door access systems and CCTV.

A few months into the project and we achieved an award for our efforts. We acquired the tender for ‘installation of the new fire alarm’ within Tesam’s biggest distribution centre.

As the project was so vast and particular, we partnered with the Peterborough’s City Council. The installation of the alarms and security systems took over a year to complete. However, the results provided excellent feedback from our clientele.

What equipment did we install?

Throughout the project at Tesam Distribution Ltd, our engineers dealt with many different tasks. They were to complete each assignment to the most professional standards.

Alongside managing all installations correctly, we also had a deadline for completion. Our team had to plan each install before carrying out the work.

We firstly installed a network of 11 Advanced 4 Loop control panels; these systems link to multiple fire alarms around each property. The control panels were to provide users with specific warnings and to highlight the location of a fire.

Additional fire equipment installed

We installed a 1no Fire Suppression system in the solar panel control room. This equipment would protect the solar panels in the event of a fire. The suppressive device will keep the company's assets secure and protect users in the building.

The engineers then proceeded to interface the 11zone sprinkler system with a bespoke notification panel. The panel will provide users with a description of the sprinkler's performance and if there is a fault or fire.

Our engineers also set up and installed Front-End Fire Alarms with Graphical Displays – to navigate around the systems. These newly established smoke detectors and fire alarms now provide Tesam’s Distribution with the best level of fire safety.

What was the outcome of the project at Tesam Distribution?

We kept tidy and thorough management of the project.

After a year of solid work ethic and installation work from our professional engineers, we finished the entirety of the project. We could officially say that all three of Tesam Distribution’s firms were fully secure and prepared for a fire.

Within the deadline of one year, our team had to provide a brief of how the project would look at the end. We then had to determine what equipment to use, ensuring it was most suitable for the client. Our team then wired in each alarm and fire suppression system into the correct facility.

Since the project, our engineers have been back and forth to the three Tesam Distribution worksites. We continue to carry out maintenance on their fire alarms and security systems.

The head of Tesam Distribution is still aware of the on-going procedures we carry out to maintain their safety measures. However, every time we guarantee our clients a professional and timely deliverance.