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Planning Application For CCTV Cameras in Aberdeenshire

By October 16, 2019October 30th, 2019No Comments

Planning Application For CCTV Cameras in Aberdeenshire

Security cameras and CCTV are essential for town centres and high streets. These CCTV cameras help people feel safer when they are out and about. Shopkeepers and retail workers also feel safer in their stores because CCTV cameras can deter potential thieves and protect workers too.

Many retail store owners have invested in CCTV cameras to go inside their shops. This helps them better secure their stores, employees and products. CCTV cameras installed within shops has also help shop owner reduce their insurance in many cases too.

In September 2018 Aberdeenshire Council agreed to a planning application for CCTV Cameras in the town. However the cost of the installation was £70,000 to pay for the cameras. The council requested that the community raised the additional £10,000 and they would approve a £60,000 grant if this money was raised in the community.

Community fundraising efforts went really well and the grant was approved for the planning application for CCTV cameras. 6 CCTV cameras will be installed in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire by December this year.

These cameras will deter criminals, keep people in the area safer and help police catch criminals with the evidence from the CCTV cameras.

This story got us thinking. We all know there are government cuts arising all the time and with the focus on a looming Brexit, less ‘local stuff’ is taking place. However this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to feel safe and protected in your local area, whether that is in your town centre, in the local park where you walk the dog, or in your corner shop.

If you would like planning application for CCTV cameras why not get it sorted in your community. We would recommend that you find your local residents association or town councillor. Ask them for advice and support. Speak to the police as well because they will be able to recommend the best places for the CCTV cameras.

When communities come together amazing things can happen; what can your local community achieve?